We have a stock of aluminum scraps for sale. Scrap Buyers-Dealers  We offer our customers a quality aluminum scrap which can meet their all expectations and requirements. Scrap Dealers near me We are constantly gathering aluminum scraps. 


we buy old battery scrap, UPS battery, inverter battery, lead acid battery, sealed battery motor bike battery, genset battery. Scrap Companies Drained battery scrap  including lead plates and plastic rubber casing complete with caps Scrap Metal Buyers


We are a well-known and well-established company in this computer and IT scrap field. Metal Scrap Price-Buyers We have acquired almost every type of Computer & IT scrap. Our company deals with all these Computers and IT scrap materials.Metal Scrap Dealers


We have a huge collection of scrap copper that we are willing to sell. Copper Scrap Buyers-Dealers   Copper materials are used widely in electronic equipment like wiring and  electrical conductor which can conduct heat and electricity very well.

Pet Bottle

Discarded PET bottles are collected, sorted, cleaned, shredded, and made into ‘washed flakes,’ Scrap Steel Buyers-Dealers  which are then used to produce a variety of products, starting from polyester fiber.


Whole tires are used as substrates for the construction of artificial reefs, offshore breakwaters, docks, and dock bumpers.Electronic Scrap Buyers Shredded tires and crumb rubber are used as asphalt additives

Plastic Scrap

Plastics are made nonrenewable resources. By recycling  for natural resources, diverts  Old Scrap Buyers  non-biodegradable waste from landfill and enables the production of new plastic products.


Waste And Parings Of Unhardened Rubber; Scrap Of Unhardened Rubber Fit Only For The Recovery Of Rubber Industrial Scrap Buyers   Reclaim Rubber is unique product recycled out of Scrap Butyl Rubber Tubes


Iron and steel are very popular and useful materials that are used in a variety of things. The iron and steel industry Iron Scrap Buyers is known as the mother of other industries because it provides raw materials for them.Iron Scrap Rate for Sale 


scrap metal is the combination of waste metal, metallic material and any product that contains Non Ferrous Scrap Buyers metal source of industrial metals and alloys, particularly in the production of steel, copper, lead, aluminum


Samples are then turned into dust and undergo further chemical processing, before being taken to a smelter which takes out the relevant metals for reuse. Big Scrap Dealers in Chennai batteries are taken out and sent elsewhere for recycling