Iron Scrap Dealers in Chennai

Iron Scrap Dealers in Chennai

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Iron and steel are very popular and useful materials that are used in a variety of things. The iron and steel industry is known as the mother of other industries because it provides raw materials for them. Iron Scrap Dealers in Chennai

Technological advancements have considerably reduced the generation of home scrap. New or prompt scrap is generated in manufacturers’ plants and includes items, such as stampings, turnings, and clippings. Old or obsolete scrap is referred as iron or steel from post consumer products, such as appliances, automobiles, bridges and buildings.

Some common grades of iron and steel scrap include – heavy metal steel, plate and structured steel, hydraulic silicon bundles, short shoveling steel turnings, machine shop turnings, cast iron borings, mixed turnings and borings, shredded scrap, mixed cast, steel turnings and foundry steel. Some common types of iron and steel intermediary products, include – steel making slag, spent pickle liquor, flue dust, filter cake, waste sludge and mill scale.

In addition, all new steel products made from recycled steel can be recycled again and again at the end of their useful lives. Waste steel cans are recycled into part of a guard rail that may one day be recycled into an appliance. Ferrous scrap processors are there in the market to prepare all types of steel products for recycling.