Brass Scrap Buyers in Chennai

Brass Scrap Buyers in Chennai

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Brass is an alloy made from copper and zinc. Depending on the amount of each metal used, different types of brasses can be made with varying properties. Bronze, which is similar to brass, is an alloy of copper and tin and is heavy and dense. Not to be confused with copper scrap, brass scrap consists of yellow solid brass, tubing brass and casting brass. It is also called honey brass. Brass Scrap Buyers in Chennai

Scrap brass can be found in the following items:

Bathroom and kitchen taps
Plumbing fixtures
Some silverware and antiques
Musical instruments
Doorknobs and window latches

When selling your scrap, ensure that any contaminated brass is separated from the clean scrap as this will have a bearing on the scrap brass price received.
Even though brass is yellow, it is quite often coated silver or chrome, so it is important to scratch the surface of silver metals to make sure they are not brass (brass is worth more than most other silver coloured metals).