Battery Scrap Buyers in Chennai

Battery Scrap Buyers in Chennai

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Scrap Dealers in Chennai

we buy old battery scrap, UPS battery, inverter battery, lead acid battery, sealed battery motor bike battery, genset battery.Drained battery scrap including lead plates and plastic rubber casing complete with caps.

We are participating in auctions of used Lead acid batteries being registered recycler. The general trade practice to export-import Lead acid battery scrap is to process the Lead acid battery scrap based on their categorization prior to stuffing of the containers/ transportation.

Lead acid batteries are those where the electrodes / plates are immersed in electrolyte. Sealed Lead acid or valve-regulated Lead acid (VRLA) battery where the electrolyte is immobilized. All Lead-acid batteries produce hydrogen and oxygen gas (gassing) at the electrodes during charging through a process called electrolysis. Battery Scrap Buyers in Chennai These gases are allowed to escape a flooded cell, however the sealed cell is constructed so that the gases are contained and recombined.

This is the most preferred type of raw material for Lead recyclers/smelters or recycling/smelting Industries. We provide Rotary based Smelting plants for processing such raw material with equipments & machines for handling & separation of Lead.